Summer 2019 Markets

We’ve been having such a fun year of Markets so far! It’s been wonderful soaking up the sun and having a blast.

We have settled in nicely to our new home over the past few months! The SODO Flea is now located at 3701 7th Ave. S which is the home of our new presenting partner, Epic Antique! This is a wonderful, and huge, antique mall in SODO that was founded by the Tom Gorz Collection and M. Culbert Home. You can catch the SODO Flea on every second Saturday of the month!

The Flea has been filled with vibrant prints, unique pieces, classic denim, bright colors, and something for just about everyone!

Our vendors have continued to amaze us with their hard work and fantastic goods they bring every time! We have lots of new vendors and our community is continuing to grow! Here’s to our precious summer months and the good times ahead!

Winter 2018 Markets

Our winter Markets this year were splendid! We were so lucky with the weather, those of you who have been here a while may remember the famous November Market of 2017… and as rainy and windy as that 2017 was it did make room for a sunny and mostly dry 2018. We finished the year off with an excellent display of vendors for our annual Holiday Market. There were many gifts to be purchased, I must say I did some shopping as well ;) your goods found their way into the hands of gift givers and have since been sent into the world.

I’d like to finish the 2018 blog by thanking you. Thank you for showing up bright and early with a smile, thank you for the hard work you put in before and after every Market, and thank you for making this community special. See you in the New Year!


Fall 2018 Markets

Fall this year was absolutely amazing! We loved the transition from the lighter Spring wear into the cozy warm Fall comforts. There were so many incredible colors and textures throughout the Market. From the rugs and blankets to the coats and jackets this was a vintage and antique collector’s dream!


Summer 2018 Markets

Nothing beats Seattle summers and we’re happy to have such a vibrant Market to accommodate all the people out-n-about! Vintage clothes and amazing textiles were on display as we had some of our best vendor showings to date.


Spring 2018 Markets

We kicked off the Spring 2018 season with a new space and a lot of exciting new vendors! From tasty treats like Alexandra’s Macrons and Pop-N-Tyme to incredible African masks and handmade ceramics we loved the variety of goods that our vendors brought.


Introducing... Our New Location!

Wow, we seriously couldn’t be happier! We’ve found a terrific space along Utah Ave S and S Stacy St. to call our home. This new spot is right behind the Living Computers Museum and next to the Starbucks building. There’s so much space to grow into and we can’t wait to fill it all with vendors!


A Farewell to Our Old Location

After more than a year of incredible Markets we say goodbye to our location behind Rejuvenation and open up the next chapter of the SODO Flea Market. We want to say a extend a special thank you to all the wonderful people at Rejuvenation who were instrumental in making this a successful Market.