Vend With Our Fabulous SODO Flea Community

We are always looking for amazing new vendors to join our SODO Flea community! Think you’d be a good fit? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message below with a little info about the types of goods you’re looking to sell. In general, these are the categories we are looking to have at our Market:

Decor + Furniture: Handcrafted and vintage furniture and home decor made and curated by local artists and collectors.

Apparel + Accessories: A mix of carefully collected vintage pieces alongside local designers.

Artists + Makers: Various goods, trinkets, and artwork.

Antiques: Old, worn, history-filled pieces, items that can be repurposed, added to collections, or are the original awesome that only antiques can be!

2019 Market Dates - Feb 9th, Mar 9th, Apr 13th, May 11th, Jun 8th, July 13th, Aug 10th, Sep 14th, Oct 12th

Please include in your message any links to your website or social media. We like to see examples of the types of goods you’re looking to bring to the Market. If you do not have a website or social media we will follow up with a request to see images of your goods. We can’t wait to meet you :)

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